Publish your RSS news feeds on your website

A number of options are available for presenting your RSS feed on your website.

RSS Button

Traditionally, website publishers simply install an RSS 'button' on their website that links to their XML file. When clicked, browers with RSS support will displat the feed directly in the brower. Knowledgable site visitors can capture the address of the feed for use in any RSS-compatible "feed reader" or "aggregator". RSS buttons provide the least leveraged use of your feed.

NewsPage Button

Better yet, website publishers can install an Enfeedia "NewsPage" button on their site. When clicked, their feed opens up in an Enfeedia-generated NewsPage that provides a number of tools for the visitor such as subscribing to the feed on Yahoo or Google, setting up alderts and "pings", and sharing the feed with others. Enfeedia's NewsPage also obviates the need for any other feed reader, and does not depend on the browser support for RSS. Because the NewsPage is itself a webpage, the link on your website to the NewsPage means search engines will index your NewsPage and present it in SERPs. NewsPage buttons provide much more leverage of your feed compated to the relatively passive RSS button.


For maximum leverage of your feed, the feed should be directly displayed on the webpage—NewsOnSite—such that content can be previewed, or read entirely, without leaving the webpage. You can control the number of items and length of items displayed to manage the look and feel of your webpage. The default appearance is to inherit the font and link colors and background color of your webpage. Or you can select colors of your own choosing. More than one feed? Locate them wherever you want on your webpage. With this approach to presenting your feed, your feed content will be indexed by search engines, giving you the benefit of links within your feed and fresh content rewarded by search engines.


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