Publish your RSS news feeds on your website

Ken Gorman is developer and owner of Put Your Feed Up as well as the Enfeedia RSS Online Publishing Service. Ken has over 35 years of experience in the computer and data communications industries from design engineer to engineering vice president positions, including in large corporations and start-up enterprises.

Gorman's mission is to provide competitive advantages to website publishers through the use of RSS technology. RSS feeds not only engage the website visitor but also reap rewards of search engines, namely higher placement in search engine results pages (SERP).

The longer visitors hang around one's website, the higher the probability they will respond to the business pitch. Informative and entertaining RSS feeds can be a major factor in maintaining eyeballs on your site. Additionally, such feeds can maintain customer loyalty if they see you as an authority in your topical area. Also, the longer visitors hang around a site having arrived there from a search, the higher value given the relation of their search term to that website theme.

Frequent publishing of new items on a feed (from once a day to once a month typically) shows search engines the website has fresh content. Search engines reward sites with fresh content with higher SERP placement independent of page rank. And of course, customers will routinely revisit the site when they come to know new material of value to them is frequently presented. They will even be likely to set up 'Ping' email to be automatically notified when new items are posted.

To realize these advantages, it's important to know how to publish feeds in the most beneficial way and how to integrate your feed (or feeds) onto your site. Two "audiences" need to be addressed: the human visitor to the site, and the search engine spider crawling the site.

That's where Ken comes in. As developer of the Enfeedia RSS feed publishing website, and with years of experience publishing RSS feeds and assisting others, he can advise website owners and developers on all matters related to RSS. Want to increase traffic to your website and to produce more results? Then contact Ken for a free introductory planning session. He might even be able to provide you a solution at no cost to you whatsoever.


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